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In our legal firm I provide a legal aid in a broadly understood corporate law service and trade contract law.


Thanks to international legal training and a current professional practice I have experience in legal service for Polish branches of worldwide leading enterprises in aviation, clothing and bank industry, as well as outsourcing centers. Several internships in such entities as: legal firms, non-governmental organizations, governmental organizations and diplomatic posts allows me to spot legal risks in accurate manner, as well as efficiently and quickly implement solutions duly protecting Clients’ interests.


I understand, that process of law application requires combination of abstract thinking with practical problem-solving skill, what makes law an unique subject in the area of humanities and social sciences. Thus, law - as domain that allows understanding the very foundation of our society – is a subject of my interests in its practical dimension, as well as in its broader social aspect.

  • Doctor of Law

  • Young researcher in the Center of Legal Education and Social Theory of University of Wroclaw

  • Master of law at the University of Wroclaw

  • Semester exchages at the University of Salzburg and Loyola University New Orleans


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