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I am a specialist in the field of business, public procurement, construction, public aid and public finance law.

I understand and acknowledge that public-law aspects of functioning as entrepreneurship on the market raise feeling of uncertainty and reluctance, as they seem to be incomprehensible and overwhelmingly complex. Any business entity however has to acquaint necessary tools in order to establish an effective cooperation with public administration and an appropriate legal advice is a key component in this regard. I will assist in leading any investment through this disliked but necessary phase of its planning and implementation.


In the period between 2011-2015 I have worked for a public procurement and construction law department in one of the leading European legal firms. I have advised domestic and foreign companies and also public-law entities in the public procurement procedure, as well  as in drafting tender documentation. Not only did I advise at the desk but also in direct manner as a lawyer assisting the biggest investment projects in Poland. I represent my Clients in arbitration proceedings, as well as before state authorities, common and administrative courts. I advise on the basis of FIDIC.

  • Attorney at law at the District Chamber of Attorneys at Law in Wroclaw

  • Graduate of University of Wroclaw in law and in philosophy

  • Doctoral student at the Department of Business Law of the
    Faculty of Law Administration and Economics of the University of Wroclaw


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