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We recognize the importance of a good working environment, as it is workers who often embody a significant capital of enterprises, and their dissatisfaction might have a negative impact on entrepreneurship’s brand and position on the market. Therefore, we place great importance on this sphere of enterprises’ operation and we support our Clients in the following fields:

  • drafting, giving opinions on, harmonizing of employment agreements, civil contracts (including manager contracts, cooperation, commission and work agreements);

  • drafting and giving opinions on non-competition agreements as well as confidentiality clauses

  • introducing working time systems especially including performing of work in irregular timeframes;

  • preparation of audits regrading employees matters: work bylaws, remuneration and premium scheme, harmonization of employment agreements, working hours registry (including drivers)

  • drafting of documents associated with dismissal or termination of employment agreements and civil contracts as well as consulting regarding most favourable way of dismissal or termination of given contracts

  • restructuration of employment, transfer of workplace, collective redundancies

  • aid in the field of health and safety as well as in controls conducted by National Labour Inspection

  • analysis of remuneration model from the public law perspective, drafting of premium schemes

  • hiring of foreigners as well as preparation of documentation associated with secondment of employees.

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