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We provide legal aid in the field of trade and company law. Our task is to simplify procedures, minimize company’s liability and improve profitability of company. We are of the opinion that each company deserves to be treated with an individual attitude, therefore drafts of documents designed by us each time reflects clients’ needs, meanwhile issued by us recommendations includes tax consequences of taken steps.


 We offer support in:

  • giving opinions on and drafting of articles of associations, as well as other documents associated with establishment and operation of commercial law companies (including bylaws and resolutions);

  • conducting liquidation procedure (including branches of foreign entrepreneurships);

  • preparation of drafts and samples of resolutions for ordinary and extraordinary shareholders meetings;

  • preparation of drafts of resolutions of management board, as well as annual reports of company’s operation;

  • convening ordinary and extraordinary shareholders meetings, conducting and keeping the minutes of these meetings

  • handling registration procedures;

  • giving opinions on and drafting of sale donation, usufruct of shares or stocks agreements, as well as option and fiduciary agreements regarding shares or stocks;

  • establishing and implementing enterprises’ restructuration plans;

  • acting in the course of insolvency proceedings;

  • providing legal service to associations.

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