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For active entrepreneurs we have in an offer a complex advisory covering legal aid, tax advisory and accountancy.


We believe that it is only a close cooperation of legal and tax advisory which enables to establish a full protection of our clients’ interests. We offer following services:

  • analysis, drafting opinions on or drafting agreements, motions as well as other documents of legal-economic character, including identification of legal and tax risks;

  • evaluation and drafting of safeguard clauses ensuring performance of agreements (including a creation of mortgage, pledge, transfer of ownership, as well as assignment);

  • participation in negotiations

  • preparation and implementation of general conditions of contracts (limiting entrepreneur’s liability, securing his interests, regulating payment forms and terms)

  • evaluation and advisory regarding risks associated with infringements of competition and antitrust laws;

  • evaluation and advisory regarding liability for a dangerous product;

  • drafting of legal opinions concerning civil and administration law, including food law, according to the type and character of planned investment;

  • acquisition and transfer of licenses, permissions and concessions;

  • advisory regarding the service of the investment process, including construction law.

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